Fall Newsletter


PLEASE – Post these dates on your bulletin board and calendar.

            November 21, 2001                Photography for Painting by Normand Charlotte

            December 2, 2001                   Holiday Party – 2-4 p.m., Chamber of Commerce

            January 16, 2002                    Stained Glass by Diane Cecere

            February 20, 2002                  Oil Painting by David Lussier

            March 20, 2002                      Impressionist Oil by Leslie Braren

            April 17, 2002                        Colored Pencil by Natasha Piendel

            May 15, 2002                         Annual Dinner

            June 2, 2002                            “Show in the Park”

Meetings are held at The Arbors, 403 West Center Street in their auditorium.  (The Arbors is an Independent Living Life Care Community).  Parking is also available at Manchester Manor.   Art of the Month in by 7:15 p.m.; Business Meeting and Demonstrations at 7:30 p.m.


·      November 10, 2001 - Painting Workshop with Beth Ellis at Manchester Community College.  Beth Ellis is primarily an oil painter but students may work in any medium.  Contact Penny Brandt for further information, 643-0531.


·      December 2, 2001 - All members and guests are invited to enjoy our Holiday Party at the Chamber of Commerce building, which is one of the old Cheney homes.  Our members’ art will be displayed in a festive setting.


·      February 23, 2002 – Change paintings at Cheney Hall


·      March 1, 2002 – Hang paintings at Arts of Tolland – One month show.  Reception on

·      March 2, 2002, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.  Artists are requested to watch paintings on weekends for two hour shifts.  Paintings are for sale. 

·      March 30, 2002 – Take down paintings at Arts of Tolland building.


·      April 26, 2002 – Change show at Chamber of Commerce Building.


Did you know?

·      Manchester has an Arts Commission established by the Mayor and the Board of Directors.  Our approved representative is Margit Hartl.

·      Our Arts Council representative is Frank Pane.   January (Date to be announced) there will be a “Gathering of the Artists” at Cheney Hall as held last year.


We have a terrific job opportunity!  The “Show in the Park” still needs a Chair and/or Co-Chair.  ALL committees are filled with experienced people.  Dani Palumbo is Chairperson Emeritus – available for help and guidance.  The publicity is rolling – the show will go on.  Are you the one – or ones – to fill this IMPORTANT position?  We are now an established part of Pride of Manchester week, which means everything is easier!


Call Betty Rousseau for signing up or more information.  643-1173.