May 29 to September 3, 2014

Town Hall Oil and Acrylic Show

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The 14 exhibiting artists were:
Raul Alegre, Pat Ballsieper, Judy Burnham, Terri Butler, Micheline Champagne, Helena Deary, Dotie Dienst, Carole Fins, Dorothy Hall, Chris Larson, Jerry Madara, Sara Reid, Karen Saunders, and Grace Tedford.

June 20 to July 26, 2014

MCC on Main -- Member Show

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March 2014 through July 21st

Manchester Hospital Show

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Show in the Park

June 8th, 2014

Show in the Park

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Show in the Park 2014
Show in the Park 2014 Best in Show Winner Zaliah Zalkied
Best in Show Winner Zaliah Zalkied
Show in the Park, MAA Member Tent
MAA Member Tent
Dennis Stuart, 1st place Arts1st place Arts

Dennis Stuart

Elizabeth Sennett, 2nd place Arts2nd place Arts

Elizabeth Sennett
Oil Paintings

Jeff Blazejovsky, 3rd place Arts
3rd place Arts

MAA's Jeff Blazejovsky
Watercolors/pen and ink

Pictured with MAA President Eric Vogel

April 2 - May 28

"MAA Town Hall Annual Art and Photography Show "
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The Opening Reception was Friday, April 11th from 5 to 7 pm

Music was provided by students from the Bella/Dubaldo music studio.

Thank you for making the evening so special!

February 4th - March 30, 2014

Pastel Exhibit At Manchester Town Hall

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Exhibiting artists were:

Emilie Beckwith, Penny Brandt,
Linda Gotta, Dorothy Hall,
Geri Knafel, Chris Larson,
Grace Tedford, Patricia Trapp,
and Eric Vogel.

Pastel painting by Penny Brandt
Pastel paintings at Town Hall

Pastel paintings at Town Hall

November 18, 2013 -- March 17, 2014

Manchester Hospital Exhibit
The hospital gallery was filled to bursting with 52 pieces of beautiful artwork, most of them new to the venue. To the right is a photo from the opening reception, held Thursday, November 21st.

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Manchester Hospital Exibit Opening Reception

December 2013 -- January 2014

All Other Mediums Exhibit - "The Etc. Exhibit" at Manchester Town Hall
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Collage by Doris Johnson and Fused Glass by Robin Simpson
Collage by Doris Johnson
Fused Glass by Robin Simpson
Manchester Town Hall
"The Etc. Exhibit"

Dec 6  -  Jan 30

The show included batik, cut paper,  prints, glass,  jewelry, collage, sculpture, colored pencil, mosaic, cross stitch and quilting.   
The participating artists were
Chris Chaffin
Janet DePratti,
Dorothy Hall
, Sue Hollister,
Doris Johnson
, Jeremy Knafel,
Christine Larson, Nancy Madar,
William Oellers
, Doris Phillips,
Robin Simpson
, Steve Sottile
and Naomi  Zima.
Stained Glass and Sterling Silver Jewelry by Sue Hollister
Stained Glass and Sterling Silver Jewelry
by Sue Hollister

Colored Pencil and Collage by D.L. Hall
Colored Pencil and Collage by D.L. Hall
See a video "Making a Paper Collage with Dorothy Hall" on the TCA website here.
"Blue Heron," Fabric, Naomi Zima
"Blue Heron" Fabric
by Naomi Zima

October 2013

MAA's 10th Annual Members Art Exhibition at South Windsor Public Library

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Best in Show: Jerry Madara "Love on the Rocks 2" Acrylic

October 3 - December 3, 2013

Nature Photography Show at Manchester Town Hall

Presented by Manchester Art Association & Hockanum River Linear Park Committee

Doug Smith and Carolyn Gimbrone at Manchester Town Hall At left, Doug Smith, Chairperson of the Hockanum River Linear Park Committee, and Carolyn Gimbrone, MAA President, at Manchester Town Hall setting up the Photography show.

Below, Highlights from the Photography Show Opening Reception at Manchester Town Hall Thursday, October 10th.

Photography Show 2013
Helena Deary, Terri Butler and Carolyn Gimbrone
Helena Deary, Terri Butler and
Carolyn Gimbrone
Goodies at the Opening Reception
Doris Philips with her photo
Doris Philips

Letter from the President - September 2013

2013-2014 Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs

2012-2013 Annual Report

Show in the Park 2013 Winners

June 13, 2013
Many thanks to Cary Hull from Woodland Gardens
for inviting MAA members to participate in Woodland Gardens' Thursday-Evenings-in-the-Garden series!

MAA members Joyce Armentano, Olivia Golas, Penny Brandt and Nancy Madar were joined by Jessica Marin Feliciano and Susan Aitner in the June 13th event.

What a lovely setting for art -- beautiful plants and friendly people!
Thank you!

Woodland Gardens

Penny Brandt
Penny Brandt demonstrates a sketch for a watercolor painting

Joyce Armentano
Joyce Armentano demonstrates colored pencil drawing

Jessica Marin Feliciano
Jessica Marin Feliciano amidst her beautiful mixed media creations

Olivia GolasOlivia Golas demonstrates oil painting

Nancy Madar
Nancy Madar with her photography

Woodland Gardens June 2013Carolyn Gimbrone and Jessica Feliciano watch Joyce and Olivia's demonstrations