2012 Show in the Park Exhibitors

Gail Callahan


Pamela Cascone Ball


Pat Giguere


Carolyn Hallifax


Marylin Makuch


Matt May


Jessica Morgans


Patricia Sabourin


Chris Heustis


Stephen Szepanski


Frederick Rottner


Kelsea Tomko


Whitney Rahm


Betty Cunningham


Jared & Anna Simpson


Richard Sylvester


Joel Rosenberg


Sandy Krajick


Jane Morgan


Toby Daley


Sarah Ravetto


Evelyn Villegas


Allison Potter


Dawn VanCedarfield


Steve Sottile


Derek T. Perkins


Gail & Patrick Brown


Patricia Balseiper


Robin Simpson


Tony Kelly-Niziolek


Laurence Nelson


Elizabeth Sennett


Dina Pallazola


Scott & Mandy Wieting


Caitlin Lee


Carolyn Emerson


Laurie-Annya Linfoot


Tom Sayers




Jeffrey Bourdeau


Sally Battis


Jay Dimick


Larry & Faith Bilansky


Holly Verbil


Nancy Goldstein


Meryl Levesque  
Kevin Ferreira  
Dierdre Sowa  
Yvette Maynes  
Laura Scheuy  
Alan Shaw  
Annmarie Dina  
Brandon Ray  
Renee Moniques  
Patricia Tanger  
Tracy Kavanaugh  
Silk City Antiques  
Margaret Gustafson  
Aneneo Moniques  
Jeanine Allero  
John Rudnick  
Lawrence Nevins  
Gilles Boudreau  
Raymond Ruthen  
Zac Elwell  
Ryan Groves  

Painted glassware

Soap/body products

Bead/feather/shell  flowers, doll clothes

Beaded jewelry             

Handmade jewelry, household items


Beaded jewelry

Crocheted items


Metal art

Stoneware pottery


Acrylic painting 

Polymer clay jewelry

Prague Art prints 


Sunny Skies Ice Cream

Handmade purses

Hand stamped cards/gifts 

Beaded jewelry                           

Beaded jewelry

Multi-material jewelry


Hand-knit baby sweaters

Prints on paper

Wood carvings 

Gourd art/quilts


Stained glass 

Handcrafted herbal gifts

Sterling jewelry w/gemstones

Oil paintings

Beaded jewelry

Deck coolers 



Recycled/repurposed gifts

Bird photography 

Handcrafted wood items

Handmade wood products

Hand beaded jewelry

Wood sculpture


Beaded giftware

Silk flowers, painting on slates, soft sculpture

Mosaic crafts
Paintings and prints
Wearable art - fabric headbands, hairclips, etc
Table runners, placemats, jewelry
Candles, jewelry
Handmade wood household items
Stone and bead jewelry
Fine art photography
Hand crafted totes and purses
Pastels, pet portraits
Photography -note cards, art prints, etc.
Antiques, collectables, furniture, glass & more
Fabric items - pillows, wall hangings, blankets
Totes, purses, jewelry
Wind chimes, stained glass
Wooden items
Bird houses, feeders
Wood/acrylic gifts
Tio Zac's Churrasco & Brazilian BBQ