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BE INSPIRED! with Norman Charlette

A few years ago, Normand Charlette started a program he calls Be Inspired! Members may interpret one of his photos in the medium of your choice. When Norm displays his photos in a show, he will display a photo of your work with your contact information alongside his matching photo. This is an amazing opportunity for exposure, at no cost or trouble to you!  For more information, email NormClick here for the complete instructions

Usha Reddy acrylic of Norman Chalette's

Usha Reddy's acrylic interpretation of Norm's photo of the Portland Lighthouse entitled Portland Headlight At Dawn.

Norman Charlette's Portland Headlight At
Beckwith, Emilie watercolor interpretation of Normand Charlette's photo Portland Head Light

Emilie Beckwith's watercolor interpretation of Norm's The Portland Headlight in South Portland, Maine. Norm wrote that the photo was "one of those dreary overcast days along the rugged coast that mutes the color of the lighthouse buildings and gives a grayish-blue hue to the water and sky. Emilie has livened up the colors." 

Charlette, Normand Portland Head Light
Emilie Beckwith watercolor of Normand Charlette's Portland Head Light at  First L

Emilie Beckwith's watercolor interpretation of Norm's At First Light.  Norm wrote: "The second photo captures the appearance change due to the low level sunlight peeking from behind a cloud bank. Every trip to the lighthouse has provided a different appearance."

Normand Charlette's photograph Portland Head Light at  First Light
Beckwith_Found in Northwest Corner,  CT

Emilie Beckwith's watercolor interpretation of Norm's Tic Tac Toe Barn.  Norm explains: "I saw the O tire blocking the X horizontal win. I also saw X was cheating with an extra turn which will result in a vertical win. Emilie has creatively colorized the scene--and it still looks like X wins by cheating. You just can't trust those barn doors!"

Tic Tac barn 088 $$ copy.jpg
Beckwith_Dull Autumn Day (2).JPG

Emilie Beckwith's watercolor interpretation which she titled Dull Autumn Barn. Norm wrote: "The photo was hindered by a "dull" overcast day.  [...] The watercolor changes have created a much more pleasing scene."

PA120011 Dull Autumn Day.jpg

Emile Beckwith's watercolor interpretation of Norm's photo Main Street, South Windsor. This is a barn located in the historic district. Norm said, "The creative liberties taken by Emilie are a vast improvement on the original photo."

Emilie Beckwith's watercolor interpretation of Norm's photo Winter at Jenne Farm. It is an iconic scene located in Reading, VT, just south of Woodstock. Norm said, "The winter scene has a Currier & Ives quality which was captured by Emilie."

Laura Kinlock's interpretation of Norm's photo Chapman Falls, which is located in Norfolk, CT. 

Laura Kinlock's pastel interpretation of Norm's photo Montgomery Covered Bridge, which is located in Waterville, VT. 

Emilie Beckwith's watercolor interpretation of Norm's photo Southeast Light. This lighthouse is located on Block Island at the Mohegan Bluffs.

Laura Kinlock's pastel interpretation of Normand Charlette's photo Tidal Grass.

Teresa Harrington has provided her interpretation  of Norm's photograph  Northern Vermont Vistas.

Bonnie Lindland's interpretation of Norm's photo Lititz Home. While vacationing in Lititz, PA, he found this scene just a few houses away from the quaint Bed & Breakfast where he was staying.

Emilie Beckwith's interpretation
of Norm's 2012 photo. Normand wrote: "The barn was located in Glastonbury on Hebron Avenue and shortly after the photo was taken I discovered the structures had been torn down, a fate suffered by many barns now due to neglect."

Janet Heller's watercolor interpretation of Normand Charlette's photo Calm Reflections.

Donna McMahon's interpretation of Norm's photo Three Amigos (in inset). 

Carolyn Emerson's watercolor interpretation of Norm's photo Pike's Market.

Susan Aitner's pastel interpretation of Norm's untitled photograph.

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