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Art of the Month is a members-only art contest held during each monthly meeting. Our guest demonstrator chooses 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

The contest judge will give a brief critique of each winning piece. This is a great opportunity for all of us to learn!

To learn how Art of the Month works and how to enter, click here.

You can see the artwork at three Manchester locations: Mary Cheney Library, The Arbors, and Whiton Library.

December 2023 Winners


Karen Pizzitola, 1st

Solitude, watercolor, Whiton Library

Laura Kinlock, 2nd

Tree Vines, pen & ink, Mary Cheney Library

Tim Simoes, 3rd

Flower Girl, oil, The Arbors

Photo, left to right, Tim Simoes (3rd), Laura Kinlock (2nd) and Karen Pizzitola (1st).


November 2023 Winners


Roy Wrenn, 1st

Moon Light, acrylic-mixed media, Mary Cheney Library

Bonnie Lindland, 2nd

One Happy Pup!, watercolor, Whiton Library 

Athira Sanal, 3rd

Kathakali, acrylic, The Arbors

Photo, left to right, Athira Sanal (3rd), Bonnie Lindland (2nd) and Roy Wrenn (1st).


October 2023 Winners


Janet Heller, 1st

Sally's Pond, watercolor, The Arbors

Rhea Sutter, 2nd

Abandoned Gazebo, acrylic, Mary Cheney Library 

Chris Larson, 3rd

Looking Through, pastel, Whiton Library

Photo, left to right, Janet Heller (1st), Rhea Sutter (2nd) and Chris Larson (3rd).


September 2023 Winners


Mary Bollash, 1st

Aunt Tina’s Beach, watercolor, Mary Cheney Library 

Austin Pouliot, 2nd

IDK OK, gel stain, Whiton Library

Joyce Erickson, Honorable MentionMidnight Sky, sculpture (too large to place)

Photo, left to right, Joyce Erickson (HM), Austin Pouliot (2nd) and Mary Bollash (1st).


May 2023 Winners


Victoria Dubiel, 1st

Sustentation, photogaphy, The Arbors

Doris Philips, 2nd

Charlie, oil, Whiton Library

Bina Nair, 3rd 

Warli (Indian Art), acrylic, Mary Cheney Library

Photo, left to right, Victoria Dubiel (1st), Bina Nair (3rd) and Doris Philips (2nd).


April 2023 Winners


Natasha Piendel, 1st

The Last Light, pastel, Whiton Library

Jim Oliphant, 2nd

Pink Ruffles, photography,The Arbors

Karen Waggoner, 3rd 

Poetry Flower, photography, Mary Cheney Library

Photo, left to right, Natasha Piendel (1st), Jim Oliphant (2nd) and Karen Waggoner (3rd).


March 2023 Winners


Adrianna Young, 1st

Companions, oil, Mary Cheney Library   

Dan Nichols, 2nd

Field of Dreams, oil, The Arbors

Athira Sanal, 3rd 

Kakakali, acrylic, Whiton Library

Photo, left to right, Adrianna Young (1st), Dan Nichols (2nd) and Athira Sanal (3rd).


December 2022 Winners


Jeff Reid, 1st 

Bonnie, oil, Mary Cheney Library   

Sharon Quaglia, 2nd

Cream, alcohol ink, Whiton Library

Tim Simoes, 3rd 

Best Friends, oil, The Arbors

Because we are meeting via Zoom for the next two months, winning artwork for December will remain on display for three months. 

Photo, left to right, Sharon Quaglia (2nd), Jeff Reid (1st) and Tim Simoes (3rd).


November 2022 Winners


Austin Pouliot, 1st 

CC Special, acrylic, Mary Cheney Library   

Emilie Beckwith, 2nd

Cascades of Blue, watercolor, The Arbors

Normand Charlette, 3rd 

Buckland Pond Menagerie, Photography, Whiton Library

Photo, left to right, Normand Charlette (3rd), Emilie Beckwith (2nd) and Austin Pouliot (1st).

2022_11_17 AOM_edited.jpg

October 2022 Winners


Sharon Quaglia, 1st

The Sun Poured in Like Butterscotch, alcohol ink, The Arbors  

Jessey Ina-Lee, 2nd

ABJ, acrylic markers, Mary Cheney Library 

Micheline Champagne, 3rd 

La Vachiere, acrylic, Whiton Library

Photo, left to right, Sharon Quaglia (1st), Jessey Ina-Lee (2nd) and Micheline Champagne (3rd ).


September 2022 Winners


Adrianna Young, 1st

Getting It Together, monotype collage, Mary Cheney Library 


Sharon Quaglia, 2nd

Serendipityalcohol ink, Whiton Library

Dan Nichols, 3rd 

On Fern Street, oil, The Arbors

Photo, left to right, Adrianna Young (1st), Dan Nichols (3rd) and Shanon Quaglia (2nd).


May 2022 Winners


JoDee Cyr, 1st

Tulips, watercolor, Mary Cheney Library 


Eric Vogel, 2nd

Fare of the Nowashepastel, The Arbors

Nancy Madar, 3rd 

Ismenius & 2 Pink Flowers, photography,

Whiton Library

Photo, left to right, JoDee Cyr (1st), Eric Vogel (2nd), and Nancy Madar (3rd).


April 2022 Winners


Janet Heller, 1st

First of Many, watercolor, The Arbors 


Diane McVicker, 2nd

PA Sunset, pastel, Mary Cheney Library 

Mary Bollash, 3rd 

Happy, photography, Whiton Library

Photo, left to right, Mary Bollash (3rd), Diane McVicker (2nd), and Janet Heller (1st).


March 2022 Winners


Bonnie Lindland, 1st

Pain, watercolor, Whiton Library 


Jeff Reid, 2nd

General Fenwick, oil, The Arbors

Mary Bollash, 3rd 

Oceanside, watercolor, Mary Cheney Library 

Photo, left to right, Bonnie Lindland (1st) Jeff Reid (2nd), and Mary Bollash (3rd).

2022_03IMG_4661 2.jpg

February 2022 Winners


Dennis Davey, 1st

Capstone Bridge, pen & ink, Mary Cheney Library


Jeff Reid, 2nd

1950 Fashion Show, oil,

The Arbors

Sharon Quaglia, 3rd 

His eyes were the color of . . . ., alcohol ink, Whiton Library 

Photo, left to right, Jeff Reid (2nd), Dennis Davey (1st) and Shanon Quaglia (3rd).

AoM 2022_02 IMG_4582_edited.jpg

December 2021 SUPER Art of the Month

with 10 Winners

Complete list of winners


Pictured, from left to right:

Laura Kinlock, 1st

Last Night, Pastel, Mary Cheney Library


Janet Heller, 2nd

Winter's Peace Aglow, Watercolor, Whiton Library

Jodee Cyr, 3rd 

Goldfish, Oil, The Arbors 


November 2021 Winners


Jay Moir, 1st

Maine Red Boat, oil, The Arbors


Sharon Quaglia, 2nd

Mount Fortunata, alcohol & ink,

Whiton Library 

Jan McCollum, 3rd 

Railroad Bridge Reflections, pastel, 

Mary Cheney Library

October 2021 Winners


Sharon Quaglia, 1st

Clouds Illusions, Alcohol ink, The Arbors


Rita Borden, 2nd

Meadow Charmers, Watercolor monotype, Mary Cheney Library

Ginny Emerson, 3rd 

Calm, Encaustic, mixed media, Whiton Library

September 2021 Winners

Rhea Sutter, 1st

Pond Rock, Pastel, Mary Cheney Library 


Jim Oliphant, 2nd

Elegance Reflected, Photography, 

The Arbors

Jan McCollum, 3rd 

Pond Rock, Pastel, Whiton Library

February 2020 Winners

Left to right:

Jeff Reid, 1st

Bonnie, Oil, Webster Bank


Laura Kinlock, 2nd

Hidden in the Marsh, Pastel, Mary Cheney Library

Oren Poulin, 3rd 

Gander, Pastel, The Arbors 

Ellen Haines Chaponis,  HM 

Small Prey, Collage, Whiton Library

January 2020 Winners

Left to right:

Dennis Davey, 1st

Red & White, Pen and ink, The Arbors


Jeff Reid, 2nd

Self Portrait, Oil, Mary Cheney Library

Rhea Sutter, 3rd 

Mia Forever Blowing Bubbles, Pastel, Webster Bank 

Oren Paulin,  HM 

Big Jump, Pastel, Whiton Library

December 2019 Winners

Left to right:

Jeff Reid, HM
Untitled after Vermeer, Oil

Eric Vogel, 3rd
Purple Bounty Majesty, Pastel

Emilie Beckwith, 2nd
Jenne Farm, VT, Watercolor

Laura Kinlock, 1st
Gurleyville Gristmill, Pastel

November 2019 Winners

Left to right:

Jeff Reid, 1st
Untitled after Da Vinci, Oil

Sehrish Kahn, 2nd
Whirling Dervish, Oil

Jo Dee Cyr, 3rd
Holiday Shimmer, Acrylic

Normand Charlette, HM
Ruins, Photography

October 2019 Winners

Left to right:

Bonnie Lindland, 1st
What's Next, Watercolor

Jeff Reid, 2nd
Sleepy Hallow, Oil

Rita Borden, 3rd
More Roses, Watercolor monotype


September 2019 Winners

Left to right:

Laura Kinlock, 1st
Violets on a Rainy Day, Pastel

Jeff Reid, 2nd
Untitled after Velesquez, Oil

Penny Brandt, 3rd
Surf's Up, Watercolor

Oren Paulin, HM
Meigs Point, Pastel

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