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The Manchester Art Association is governed by officers and a board of directors. We run our organization according to our bylaws. We hold monthly board meetings and monthly member meetings September through May. After our May meeting, we produce our annual report. We distribute newsletters by email and postal mail for those without computers. Visit the newsletter archive to get an idea of our activities.

Governance 2022 - 2023


President - Carolyn Emerson

Vice President - Deb Parker

Secretary - Judith Goldstein

Treasurer - Lisa Dumais

Board Members-at-large: 

Janet Heller

Cyndi Krupa

Jan McCollum

Louise Cooke

Eric Vogel

Ex-Officio: Sue Masse

Committee Chairs / Co-Chairs

Nominating: Chris Larson, Carolyn Gimbrone
Membership: Deb Parker (Chair), Lisa Dumais
Programs, Demos, Workshops: Emilie Beckwith (Chair), Judith Goldstein,
Jerry Madara
Exhibits: Janet Heller (Co-chair), Judy Burnham (Co-chair)

Communications: Susan Aitner (Website), Chris Larson (E-mail notifications),
Sue Masse (Publicity/social media/ MAA E-mail)

Hospitality: Gail Crook (Chair), Sharon Quaglia, Teresa Harrington

Art-of-the-Month: Mike Harrington (Chair), Louise Cooke

Cheer: Sharon Quaglia

Scholarships: Bonnie Lindland

Fundraising: Cyndi Krupa

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