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Traditional Asian Painting with Hyeonsu Kim


September 21, 2024,

9 AM - 1 PM

Limit: 12 people


All supplies will be provided by Hyeonsu Kim.

In this workshop students will watch a video explaining Korean painting, followed by a demonstration by Hyeonsu. The participants will learn about the materials needed for Korean painting and the basics on how to hold the brush, different brush techniques, handling the paper, and grinding the ink on the inkstone. The class will have the opportunity to paint Korean art on traditional Korean paper (Hwasunji).

Expressive Watercolor with Lisa Miceli


October 16, 2024,

10 AM - 4 PM

Limit: 12 people


With instructor Lisa Miceli, we will explore expressive approaches to painting skies, clouds, land and seascapes by creating paintings with atmosphere and energy without focusing on too much detail. Learning expressive watercolor allows for loose paintings that convey your unique vision as a painter, and helps you develop the freedom and spontaneity to produce atmospheric, vibrant paintings.

Through instructor demonstrations, practice and individual instruction students will learn how to move beyond the photo reference, understand the pigment to water ratio as you progress through your painting, and how this relates to the tonal values in your composition.

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