Up for a challenge from Carolyn Emerson? 

Challenge # 13 


Your abstract interpretation of the word DANCE! 

Example: Polly Castor's pastel Windblown.

challenge 13 Polly Castor Windblown

Challenge #12


Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash.

Challenge #11


Photo by Tom Henell on Unsplash.

Challenge 11. Photo by Tom Henell on Uns

Challenge #10


Challenge 11. Tomatoes in Enameled Colander.

Photo courtesy of Maude LaVoie - Unsplash.

Challenge 11. Tomatoes in Enameled Colan

Challenge #9


Winter Seascape - Maine. 
Photo courtesy of Elena Wales.

Challenge 10. Winter Seascape - Maine. P

Challenge #8

Central Park in winter. Photo taken by Carolyn Emerson

Challenge #7


onions from upspash.jpg

Challenge #6


Mallards in marsh waters.


Challenge #5


This one is good practice for painting glass, and light and shadow on cylindrical shapes. Additionally, it’s an engaging little still life.

thread from Upsplash MAA challenge #5

Challenge #4


There is no sun, so no strong shadows. You can add your own light or paint it as is. If you decide to blue up the sky, the water must follow. Much of the beach rose leaves can be accomplished with negative painting. The different textures are interesting.

From UpSplash Challenge #4 MAA

Challenge #3

This inviting little landscape would be pretty in any season. It appears to be late spring or summer. It’s a good exercise to paint the same photo in different seasons. Let’s see what you can envision.

From Upsplash MAA challenge #3

Challenge #2

This beautiful still life photo needs very little alteration. Once printed, turn the photo to find your favorite position.  The challenge comes in the execution. Every cherry is different, the subtle shadings are important, and painting the folds in the ragged dish towel can make or break the painting. Still life lets one focus in on details and is excellent practice in observational skills. Zero in and have fun with this. See the gallery below.

Cherries from Upsplash Challenge MAA challenge #2